Cut-off Welding Systems for
Intermittent Applications

Typically, belts and bands are the main area of application for the intermittent ultrasonic cut. But wider webs made of microfibre up to a width of 500mm are also separated in one cycle. Shaped parts are cut out on high-precision ultrasonic punches.

Built-in Systems

These assemblies were originally built for cutting belts and tapes to length.

Meanwhile there are now a large number of applications in a range from approx. 5mm to 500mm product width.

Ultrasonic Punch

As a die cutter, this system can be supplied with different drives with one or both sides of the feed movement.

It is designed as a built-in station, but can also be supplied as a manual workstation with the appropriate housing.

Work Table for Manual Cut-off Welding

This table was originally developed for the cutting welding of ceiling edging tapes.

The simple and flexible operation means that this work table is used in a wide variety of areas. There are almost always applications in which protrusions such as warp seams, unclean corners, label protrusions or just cords or ribbons are manually cut and sealed.