Carbide Knife

The knives presented only reflect a small portion of our range. We would like to talk to you and see ourselves as a provider of problem solutions.

When using hard metal knives or hard metal blades, the service life is often increased by a factor of 10-200 compared to steel blades. But when we talk about carbide, we mean a group of materials with very different properties. Regardless of the process, be it ultrasound, vibration cutting or other mechanical processes, attention must also be directed to other influencing variables so that a suitable solution can be found.

Depending on the use and application or technology, we can offer you a range of standard blades and special tools.

In addition, we also have the option of delivering cutting tools made of ceramic or PCD (diamond). Due to the high degree of specialization, this is not dealt with separately here.

Ultrasonic Blades

Ultrasonic blades are picked up with the help of a carrier tool (sonotrode) and excited together.

The load on the blade is very high due to the vibration and must be taken into account through the design and selection of the materials. Depending on the application and size, different types of blades are used. The original design is the clamped (clamped) blade. However, this system is very susceptible to malfunctions, as the fastening is often not sufficient under load! The soldered-in blade is extremely robust and is also widely used. They consist of a steel beam and a soldered-in hard metal plate. This makes it lighter and cheaper than a solid carbide blade. Another variant are the so-called monoblock blades. This design was built for the first time in the mid-1990s. Due to the tension in the material, which occurred during the manufacturing process, there were frequent breaks and therefore could not prevail. It was only through the development of new materials that this blade shape could be reliably produced. So that these monoblock blades have been able to establish themselves again for some areas of application in recent years.

Round Shank Blades Ø6 / Ø8mm

Blades with a cylindrical shaft are used as standard blades in various areas.

Frequent areas of application are oscillation units from different manufacturers, cutting plotters or fixed knives in a wide variety of applications.

Round and Multi-Surface Knives

We supply solid carbide knives in the form of round knives or multi-faceted knives (also called polygon knives or multi-arc knives) in a wide variety of designs.

Flat Knife

Low installation heights and inexpensive production of the knives, even in small numbers, is the advantage of this design.

Special Knife

Whatever your problem, we will try to help you. This does not always succeed, but quite often.