Complementary Products

Cutting beams

In order to counteract the problem of suspension, we offer cutting traverses based on the modular principle.

With this tried and tested system, retrofitting or reinstallation is very easy to do.

We would be happy to advise you and support you to find the best solution.


Not every existing production system has a control with free capacity or the possibility of controlling additional components.

We can still offer solutions here by looking for or generating a usable interface in order to control all the required functions via an adapter control.

Years of experience in the field of switch cabinet construction, knowledge of ultrasound technology and, above all, in your industry, lead to a practical result.

Control devices

Early detection of errors drastically reduces follow-up costs.

Our goal is to develop solutions for applications for which there were previously no or only inadequate monitoring options.

Edge deduction

Appropriate web tension is important for good cutting results.

This is rarely a problem in the product, but the situation on the outer edge is different.

With the help of our goods edge deduction, we can offer an alternative if your existing solution is not ideal.


In addition to standard sonotrodes, we can cater to the needs of your application.

Typical modifications are geometry deviations, special materials, hard material or non-stick coatings.

At our location in Oberhausen, the sonotrodes are designed, calculated, manufactured and tested in the technical center. Longstanding partners carry out special heat treatments and coatings for us.

Cutting wheels and cutting segments

Very high-quality materials, low tolerances, hardnesses matched to the sonotrodes and defined cutting contours are the basis for high cutting quality and service life.

An extensive stock program and the possibility of hard machining generate a high level of availability and the
flexibility to deal with the unforeseen.