The Components of the Ultrasonic Welding System


Also known as the transducer, this is the component that converts the alternating electrical voltage into a mechanical vibration with the help of piezoceramics.


are aids that are connected upstream of the sonotrodes and can perform various tasks.

On the one hand, the booster serves to mechanically stabilize the oscillator structure, since the oscillator can be accommodated at an additional point. Furthermore, the amplitude can be changed by changing the mass ratios. Other designations are also transformation piece or ampli.

Due to other constructions and designs, the booster can sometimes be dispensed with.


are the tools used in ultrasonic welding. The syllable “Sono” refers to the relationship to acoustics.

In fact, these tools vibrate in resonance when in use. Comparable to a tuning fork, but with a different mode of vibration, the longitudinal vibration.

Sonotrodes are usually customer or application-specific tools. Other designations are also welding head, Sonotrans, ultrasonic welding tool or transducer.

Sonotrode Screws

The forces that occur due to the vibrations are not insignificant.

The connecting screws must have high strength and corresponding vibration behavior. It is therefore essential to use screws that are suitable for this. Inappropriate materials often lead to costly subsequent errors in a short space of time.

(Component) Recordings

The recordings are as varied as your components and applications.

In the simplest case, it can be flat or contoured plates, which serve purely as a counter bearing, or it can also be complex devices with hold-down devices, clamping elements, queries or slides.