Handheld Ultrasonic Devices

Ergonomically designed ultrasonic manual welding devices are used in a wide variety of applications. Typical are spot welds for blisters and other packaging, cutting applications for prepregs or the chipless opening of plastic housings as well as a wide variety of applications for textiles.

PHG 34 Pistol Grip

The design allows one-handed or two-handed work, e.g. to weld more precisely or more powerfully.

This handle shape is also preferred for cutting applications, as it makes it very easy to achieve a pulling cut. Versions in 30, 35 and 40 kHz and all power classes.

ZHG 34 with Cylindrical Handle

For applications that are ideally performed in the perpendicular position to the wrist.

The low weight enables fatigue-free working over a longer period of time.

DTHG Hand Device with Force Release

The DTHG is equipped with a dynamic release.

This allows easy handling when a large number of spot welds are to be carried out. The force release allows the staff to work faster and more ergonomically, since the release button does not have to be pressed.

ZHG-S40 Slim Cylindrical Hand Welding Device

The ZHG-S40 is characterized by a very slim design for welding points that are only accessible to a very limited extent.

Due to the reduced size, the device is only available in 40kHz with its own 40kHz, 800 watt generator

Ultrasonic Manual Welding Devices in Special Designs

If you have special requirements for your application that you cannot solve with any device on the market,
talk to us.

So far we have been able to find a good solution in many cases that has not burdened the budget excessively.

Ultrasonic Hand Lever Presses

Hand lever presses play a special role in the ultrasonic devices.

They are inexpensive, can be used flexibly, are more precise than purely hand-held devices, more powerful than small pneumatic presses and are easy to operate. With the right accessories, it is still an often underestimated and productive resource today.