Complementary Products
for Ultrasonic Welding

Soundproof Booths

or noise protection hoods are absolutely necessary for some ultrasonic welding processes in order to reduce noise emissions.

Especially at 20 kHz applications the sound pressure values that are well above the permissible limit values. Our standard soundproof cabins are tailored to our welding machines and thus enable easy operation.

Foil Indexing Devices

The foil indexing devices can be used for the welding presses of the RC20 series as well as for third-party products.

The control includes various operating modes in order to adapt them to the respective situation.

tools and accessories

It’s often the “little” things that make life easier or sometimes make it worse.

In addition to open-end, hook, special or torque wrenches, we offer ready-made cables, special screws, fastening components or adapted transport containers for high-quality and sensitive sonotrodes. If what you want was not there, there can be various reasons.

But there’s no reason not to ask.